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Alison Wonderland at House of Blues - Houston

Photos & Words by Richard Roesler

September 29, 2017 - I have to admit what I know and or understand about EDM wouldn't fill the head of a pin.  I know many of the artists have some killer light shows and the young people that attend these gatherings have the ability to jump up and down for hours on end!  While waiting for Alison Wonderland I could barely tell the difference in a few of the songs HOB was playing.  Not knocking whom ever it was, more likely a lack of formal EDM musical training and a Long Gone ability to jump up and down!

However I had heard Ms. Alison had one such killer light show and a Really Cool Name as well!   Hailing from Sydney, Alison originally trained as a classical musician and is a trained cellist.  So I wonder how does one or why does one make the crossover to DJ and producer?  I'm not sure and since the big guy blocking the back stage access wasn't buying I had a scheduled interview I was unable to find out.  It appears to have to have worked out fine for this lovely lady.

I would like to catch up with this young lady again and see if I could get an opportunity to shoot from a little father back, so as to capture all the visuals she has intertwined within her show, it's very cool!  What I did learn is I'm for sure a fan of hers now and will loading some Alison Wonderland in to the music image sorting rotation.  Without the jumping up and down of course!

Till next time,

Richard Roesler 



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