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Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Photos and words by: Richard Roesler

Free Press Summer Fest 2016

The 2-day Free Press Summer Fest began in 2009 as a showcase for local musicians, artist and such and as grown from 30,000 the first year to well over 100,000 attendees.  However somewhere along the way the festival was sold, keeping the name, but going through various management companies.  It is now operated by the same company that puts on the ACL festival in Austin.  Which also seems to have adjusted the 2-day music lineup to cater more to the EDM/underage crowd.  I heard several people remark about not having to stand in line for a beer as with previous years, since the majority of attendees were unable to partake.
Also gone seems to be the spotlight on local talent, although there were art exhibits, I'm told they all had some sort of corporate logo attached to them.  However I was not able to confirm this, since this year media was longer allowed to travel behind the stages to move from stage to stage, more time was needed to try and fight the crowd of kids.  
Do not miss understand it was still an enjoyable festive and there were several positive changes over last year.  It is just not the same festival it one was.  I will be very interested to see what the 2017 line up looks like as that should confirm what direction the FPSF is going and is the NRG parking lot it's new home?  It's does offer some logistical advantages.  Doesn't mean it's wrong, just different.
Till Next Time,
Richard Roesler


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