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Mickey Gilley

Photos and words by: Richard Roesler

I headed over to the newly renovated Dosey Doe to check out Mickey Gilley, now with the stage change there are no corner support posts blocking the view.  It's hard to believe but being a born-and-raised Houston boy, this was my first time to see him live!  Sure, I've been to Gilley's a time or two, but it was during the the Gilley Mania years and Mickey was out filming tv shows and movies and such!  One night, my buddy and I even went to the yuppie bar that was in Urban Cowboy located in the Galleria.  Once they told us the price of a beer, we headed on out to Pasadena!

Mickey put on a heck of a show and while he's not at the piano currently he still sounds just as good!  He mixes all of his 17 number one hits with pictures and videos of his career throughout the years.  I had forgotten several of the TV shows he was on, and about Jimmie Swaggert being another of his cousins and of course Jerry Lee Lewis. He is also very funny; sharing jokes and mishaps he and his cousins have gone through.  My mom and pop used to go out dancing at the Nesadel Club back before Gilley's opened in 1970.  
Mickey's fame continued to grow with each number one hit.  I figure I need to rewatch Urban Cowboy on Netflix while I sort images.  Over the years, I think Mickey has won every award there is outside of an Oscar.  And while Gilley's is long gone, along with the bull, he was one of the first to open a permanent theater in Branson, Mo.  While he may have been born in Lousiana, he is a Texas Original and now we have talk of a new Gilley's opening back up in south Texas, not Pasadena but that's ok.  He's back!
Till Next Time,
Richard Roesler


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