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Photos and Words by: Richard Roesler

Angry Cock, Flaming Lips, Scorching Scorpion! No these are not some new adult DVD titles being sold from a back alley van! These are just a few of the many, titles and variations of hot sauces to be found at the this years Hot Sauce Fest. Now in its 15th year and attracting vendors from around the nation the Houston Hot Sauce Fest continues to grow.

If you like your sauces and condiments a bit more on towards the top of Scoville Heat Scale, then this is the place for you! Some vendors had to wear a glove and not no sissy thin plastic food service glove, like you might see the nice cafeteria lady wearing. NO we are talking a shoulder length, lead lined gloved, used as part of an hazmat suit worn for entering damaged nuclear reactors, to pass out samples.

Don't misunderstand while these items are available the Hot Sauce Fest is a family friendly event, with something for everyone with live music both days, a inflatable slide and bouncy house (which apparently is just for kids!), gourmet pastas, jellies, BBQ rubs and wing sauces you name it. And if the top of the line sauces (heat wise) is not your thing these sauces and vendors run the gambit from Wimpy, to a Banana Rat Wing or how about Inferno Backdraft Ketchup?

It would most likely be difficult to taste every vendors lines of sauces on the higher end of the scale, without first coating your tongue I melted candle wax. There are however a lot of other excellent samples to be had! So don't forget to mark it on your calendar for next year!

Till next time,
Richard Roesler

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