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Lindsey Stirling

Photos and words By: Richard Roseler

Lindsey Stirling Brave Enough Tour

Its difficult to relay all there was to see at Ms Lindsey Stirling’s Brave Enough Tour, I will confess that for the first time I really, really, really wanted to brake the 3 song set rule and just keep taking photograph’s!  Does anyone know how much it costs to book Lindsey and crew, as well as Revention Music Center?  Just asking for a friend, you know, in case I, he wins the lotto! 

It is amazing to see how much her tour has changed since the first one with just her and the boys!  Lindsey discussed her faith in God (something we need more of) and how much it has helped her, as always, deal with the loss of her friend and band mate Jason Gaviati.  Who has been with her since the beginning, and still is, she spoke of the song the two had began writing prior to his getting sick.  So when she played “Gavi’s Song” there was already a pretty dramatic feel in the room.  

However there was one moment while she’s playing where she steps if front of the main lower screen with a pose that I don’t really know how to explain?  For this brief second it was amazing, it’s not by accident.  Yet I wonder did the others see and feel it or was it nothing more to them then part of the choreographed routine?  I would have loved to capture that moment, if for no one else other then myself!

From there we discover that since touring and continuing to sell out venues around the world, writing songs, writing a book and recording albums are not enough.  Lindsey Stirling has also taken up magic! First being sliced in half, then later appearing in inside of a sealed glass box!  However the illusion starts right at the beginning of the show, with a silhouetted decoy coming out on stage, while Lindsey begins playing and comes up the aisle from the back of the venue.  Oh yeah did I mention she levitates too!

Lindsey asked at the beginning of the show how many were there for their first show and I was amazed to see the sea of hands go up.  This is a sold out show and there were that many new Stirlingite’s in the audience?  However a big section of the crowd missing from the evenings show, (due to a rather large rally being held a bit south in Galveston) were the bikers! Bikers know Lindsey Stirling bikers love Lindsey Stirling!  Don’t believe me just check out artist Eric Herrman’s piece “Looking Back” with a figure in a window, in a very classic pose, that may or may not, be a very well known dupstep violinist?

A Lindsey Stirling show is a fun, family event, her dog Luna gets into the act, then for the final encore, do not only Drew and Kit come down from their stations (sorry guys I sorta focused on Lindsey), along with her back up dancers, but her “Stage Ninja’s” come out for a bit of a dance routine!  One can only imagine that job interview, “So you know how to properly assemble the stage scaffolding…good, you know how to properly program the Nx 7400 Stage lighting system…good.  So how’s your high kick?

So we have a venue with a bunch of new fans, a large cross section was missing from the sold out show, interesting.  While this was the second year Lindsey played at Houston’s Revention Music Center, one has to wonder with the Lindsey Stirling Juggernaut in full swing what happens next?  Will you lose the intimate feel of Lindsey taking the stage from the back of the house or her backup dancers going out into the crowd to persuade a poor you man to join their chorus line?  I doubt it, you just might have to view it from farther away!

Till Next Time,

Richard Roesler

P.S. I cannot thank the ladies at Live Nation enough, who somehow got me approved to a “no photographer” event and to whomever on Team Lindsey that approved it!  Thank You!

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