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 AAMN would like to thank our Texas correspondant, Mr. Richard Roesler for all his hard work and dedication in keeping this publication going during our absence.   

Gooding: Reading, Writing and Rhythma-tic

August 2, 2022---

If there’s one thing we like here at AAMN, it’s the hard-working, good-looking band, struggling to grab the brass ring of fame.   In our eyes, the band Gooding epitomizes these traits, and so much more. We got to taste a sampling of these rock-n-roll warriors as they opened for the Jeff “Skunk” Baxter show at the Troubadour.  Here’s what we saw and heard in those thirty minutes, and thereafter.

Entering from stage right to their respective spots were front man and band namesake, Steve Gooding, bass guitarist and vocalist the lovely Erin O’Neal and on drums, the glamorous Kelsey Cook.   Everyone loves eye candy and this band has an offering you can’t refuse.  Steve, a statuesque figure, clad in tight jeans and a leather flight jacket, snuggles up the mike to moan his signature doomsday lyrics.  Erin, studded in sequined bell-bottoms adds a sweet harmony that fills the air whilst golden-haired Kelsey channels her inner Karen Carpenter peals a new skin on her drum kit.  The sound of this threesome is formidable and yet, has a circus-like feel to it and Steve is the high-wire act.  His mastery of toggling between tandem guitars can only be described as a well-choreographed ballet of caffeinated fingers.  His bouncing mane of curls completes the look and away the all go...destined for stardom!  Or, shhhhhh...maybe we’ll just keep them all to ourselves.

After their set, we had a chance to chat with them a bit at their merch table which they gregariously manage themselves: selling, signing autographs and schmoosing with fans. They are currently promoting their latest album titled 99 Rebellions.   The table was strewn with copies of it along with T-shirts reminiscent of 70’s fonts and a few plush toys resembling the band’s little red mascot which looks like the love child of Satan and Pokémon. 

Gooding is not a bunch of primadonnas though.  Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and his

posse describe them as the hardest working band they have ever seen. 

 They also care deeply about the future of America’s youth and founded a 501C3  charity called “Funding the Future”.  Their hope is to make teaching financial literacy a requirement in every high school.  In addition to their grueling schedule of regular gigs, they book concerts at high schools where they inspire students as well as educate them about financial responsibility. You can catch them down the road on their Financial Literacy tour.  Just visit them at www.goodingmusic.com——Written by Gina Sigman 



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